Enters the Sixth Phase…..Interesting!!

Image011Its all IPL buzz going around the country. Well its not just the Indian Premier League but more than that Indian Political League thats more in news and in action. Today was the last phase of election that is the fifth phase and my constituency was a part of this fifth phase election. I voted today n felt i did what i could as a responsible citizen of this country…whatever the power our constitution has provided us with. Atleast i know that i never ran away from my responsibility and voted. I feel proud to be a part of a largest democracy in the world. Now the real game begins and the IPL of politics has arrived at the semis whereas the cricket IPL still is in the league phase…so no guesses that political league right now will attract more spectators and attention than compared to the cricket league. Elections were of 5 phases but the the unofficial 6th phase which everyone is talking about is more covered and interesting. After the results all the political parties will just run after each other to have the magic numbers with them so that they can form the government. As very rightly said that “politics is an art, not science” so no fixed formulas are there..that can get u the magic number. Its going to be really interesting as to who is able to make it. Whoever makes it, but i hope that alliance come up with some new ideas and changes. Jai Hind!!!


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