Is Past Perfect


I have often wondered as to why the past is always perfect and most often happiness exists in the past. Past when compared to present most times takes one to a comfort zone. Its like when your unhappy and any consoladation makes you feel like running into an old friend abroad. Maybe we are so hungry for happiness that even small things like these makes us happy.

We all have some moments that we only take out to cherish rarely. These moments are just like treasure to us. Its these moments thats brings smile, happiness and joy. Its search for moments like these that we run around hoping to find happiness. Its a sign of hope which only you can see. Its actually the greediness to treasure more moments like these that makes us keep trying hard to achieve these.

But if we look carefully we experience happiness only in hindsight. Its a result of an event. Happiness is not a goal its an after effect, maybe happiness exists in our present but we seem to not recognized it. Diving into the past and deriving happiness may be an illusion. If we look around happiness exists in the present, its just how we see things.

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2 Responses to “Is Past Perfect”

  1. Deeps Says:

    hey good to find you here!you’re not as active here as you’re on blogger,are you?

    • Nazish Rahman Says:

      Oh ya Deeps m not as active here as on blogger as it becomes to handle more than on blog….lolz, but m trying to update all my blogs 🙂
      i had no idea that i had posted a comment on your blog with my wordpress account…lol!!!

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